3 Easy Pieces

San Francisco is the stage for TITAN MEDIA'S latest release, "3 EASY PIECES" which uses the City by the Bay's majestic, rugged scenery as the backdrop for three episodes of non-stop, sexy action between three different trios of hot TITAN men. As the opening credits roll, shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and other Bay Area landmarks alternate with quick teaser clips of the explosive action to come. In the first scene, handsome construction foreman Peter Wilder drops by to check things out with his crew at a work site near Golden Gate Park. Hunky hardhat Michael Vincenzo climbs into Wilder's truck for a ride back to company headquarters. As the two pull into the garage, the stunning, chiseled Van Darkholm is already shirtless and working on his beautiful hard cock. Once Wilder and Vincenzo get a look at Darkholm, they don't take long to join in. Wilder soon loosens his tie and is on his knees in front of Darkholm and Vincenzo, taking turns servicing their rock-hard cocks. Darkholm and Vincenzo bend Wilder over the back of the pickup truck and begin licking and playing with his smooth ass. Then they move Wilder into the workroom where they bend him over the table, probe his tight hole with their fingers, and tell him just what they have in mind. First Darkholm slides his meaty cock into Wilder while Vincenzo's dick finds the foreman's mouth. Then they trade places before putting Wilder on his back and taking turns fucking him. Vincenzo soon shoots a healthy load onto Wilder while Darkholm fucks Wilder's ass. Then Darkholm climaxes, and Vincenzo shoots once again before Wilder, still on his back, spurts across his own chest. The scene shifts to a quiet neighborhood where two apartment hunters, Paul Morgan and Tim MacKenzie, arrive and ring the bell of a building with a vacancy. Sexy Dean Maxwell, who is painting the place for the owner, agrees to let them look around. Morgan and MacKenzie take a liking to the place and start celebrating their find with some groping and smooching. As they move through the empty rooms, their foreplay soon attracts the attention of a curious Maxwell. While MacKenzie chats with the painter, Morgan ducks into the bathroom for some quick solo action. When he returns, he and his partner say goodbye to Maxwell and head for the stairs. They don't get far.. MacKenzie and Morgan get it on right there, taking turns sucking each other's cocks. It doesn't take long for Maxwell to catch on. After peeking through a doorway at the two, he strips off his paint-spattered overalls and strides over to the railing. While MacKenzie stretches out on the stairs and enjoys Morgan's mouth on his cock, he gets a good view of Maxwell, who's stroking his hard shaft as he watches the action. After MacKenzie and Maxwell trade several long, lingering looks, the two horny apartment hunters come back upstairs to join Maxwell. Morgan and Maxwell take turns sucking MacKenzie's hard dick before Maxwell is bent over the railing. Morgan and MacKenzie lick Maxwell's ass, then fuck it furiously. Moving to the middle of the floor they continue. MacKenzie fucks away at a groaning Maxwell while sucking the cock of Morgan, who stands on a table over both of them. Then Morgan fucks Maxwell while MacKenzie feeds his dick into the painter's mouth. After Maxwell shoots his load onto his chest, Morgan and MacKenzie add their own. Across town, Austin Masters watches from a balcony as his friend Ric Hunter drives up with their visitor, the beautiful, dark-haired Brice Patton. As soon as Hunter leads Patton through the front door, Masters is there to greet them both. The three begin making out immediately, peeling off each other's shirts and exploring their chests and cocks with their tongues. After moving in to the main room, where huge picture windows afford a stunning view, they continue to shed their clothes and get into each other's hot, hard bodies.. The three studs engage in incredible acrobatics as they suck and fuck each other with abandon. Hunter lies under Patton, his mouth in his ass while Patton services Masters. Then Masters sixty-nines Hunter while Patton straddles them both. Hunter shoots a thick load onto Patton's taut stomach, then licks it off before he and Masters take turns fucking the dark-haired stud. Hunter comes on Masters, and licks it up once more. Then, in a beautifully erotic moment, Hunter caresses Patton's face, fingers his mouth and explores his body while Master's shoot his load. As they relax at the end of their lovemaking, Hunter says to his visitor, "Welcome to San Francisco."