TitanMen has mustered up some striking firsts for the new all-sex feature, Boot Camp. First off, gay adult superstar Ray Dragon makes his directing debut, in collaboration with Titan Media's lead director, Brian Mills. Though the director may be new, the fierce ManPlay sexuality stays the same— striking new performers in spontaneous sexual episodes that deliver straight up the kind of gritty, masculine sexplay that's always been Dragon's personal specialty. . When we said new performers, we meant it. Every single one of the ten hot, hung and gung-ho for sex guys who were inducted for Boot Camp—including explosive new TitanMen Exclusive Darius Falke—are making their first movie as TitanMen. And don't worry—there's no storytelling, no fake army crap in Boot Camp. Just three extended length, all-action scenes of steamy, sweat-covered, barracks buddy sex. Darius Falke and Adam Faust top Sergio Anthony. In just their skivvies and combat boots, Privates Falke, Faust and Anthony stand at parade rest, awaiting inspection. These Privates can't keep their privates private for long, though, and quickly get their hands in each other's pants. With rings in his chewy looking nips, green-eyed Darius has a modified Mohawk on top and severely cropped pubes down below—right above a whoppercock and solid nuts. Ginger-haired Adam's got a tiger tat writhing round his torso, and a peaches and cream asshole that'll make you salivate when you see it. And caramel-skinned Sergio—well, when the hard-ons come out, he's the first to get one in his mouth. The cock-crazed men make sure to get more than a taste of each other's juicy meat, and carry that cock-taste up to mouths eager for wet and sloppy kisses. Adam and Sergio get so excited wrapping their lips around Darius' great gutstick that the trio spring into a circle jerk and their soldier sauce flies. . Now they've got to satisfy their ass hunger. Sergio appoints himself butt-boy. He lies down on a bench, his legs raised in a big V that spells victory for Adam, whose tongue pushes deep into Sergio's sweet hole. "Wanna taste?" he whispers to Darius. Darius doesn't take time to answer—he just buries his face in the musky crack. When the hole's relaxed and lazing open, Adam and Darius buddy-fuck Sergio, sharp and punchy, working themselves into such a tense frenzy that they just hafta jerk out their hot loads. Danny Dune topped by Jon Matthews and Dominic Pacifico—who gives it up for Jon. Coverall-clad Danny and Jon are relieving Officer Pacifico of his, um, duties. Falling to his knees, Danny's serious suction shines up the officer's big knob, and the cock gobbling shake down makes the men erupt—Jon's cum blasting in yard long streamers. Then he licks at Danny's lightly furred crack, shining that pulsing pink eye with spit before sinking in his big cock dead center. Danny earns a medal for Valor Under Ass-ault as Dominic and Jon tag team his ass, each guy's cock plunging home and pulling out to make way for the other's to pump even harder. Officer Pacifico gets so hot he suddenly gives up his butt to his buddy, grinding down on Jon's cock and flailing his cock ‘til a sharp retort of cum explodes. Officer down!. Adrian Troy and Brett Mathews topped by Mike Paris and Jack London. Commanding Officer Adrian doesn't need to give the order. His men understand, and drop trou. Their cocks know the meaning of the word "Attention!" Crisp, collegiate Brett's got an even crisper, classic cock, and Jack—well, talk about big ol' uncut schlong! The CO assesses their potential, moving quickly from manual to oral tactics. The men force the uncut blond CO to his knees, and he services all three of them until he's bombarded by their shower of cum bullets, and a mouthful of Jack's giant salami makes him shoot his own three-star load. . Brett and Adrian offer up their asses, kissing each other as Jack and Mike prep their butts by tonguing on the spit. The butt-barrage begins with Jack piling his ass-splitter into Adrian, and Mike battering Brett. But Brett craves a double barreled kind of action, and launches a raunchy chain fuck. Cramming his cock into Adrian while Jack piles up behind his own ass, Brett squirrels back and forth, sending his sleek shaft into Adrian and bouncing back to impale himself on Jack's humungous ass-opener. That kinda action brings out the shooting squad, and Adrian's male-tail gets their version of a 21 gun salute—a four-guy cum shower.