Campus Pizza

TitanMen Exclusive Dean Flynn (The Road to Redneck Hollow, Spy Quest 3) is the deliveryman bringing a steaming slice of sex door-to-door to whoever calls in the latest sexual epic from the dirty mind of GAYVN Hall-ofFame director Joe Gage. Every night, a new group of deliveries: What sort of sexual adventures does this night have in store? Playing off the old cliché of the randy deliveryman, Gage turns the concept on its ear and delivers a lighthearted but undeniably intense, heart-pounding sexual saga like only he could. Dean's first delivery is to Andrew Justice (H2O), the cigar-chomping campus custodian who lives off campus. Dean's really only supposed to deliver to customers on University grounds, but he's glad to make an exception for a tall drink of water like Andrew. After he drops off the pie, Andrew gets back to pumping iron in his garage; he likes to bench press buck naked because he thinks it's easier and when you've got a bod like his, who could blame him? . His innocent-looking nephew, new Titan Man Jason Reynolds, wanders in from next door and can't keep his eyes off his uncle's long cock, which quickly stiffens until it's standing at full attention, bouncing up and down with each rep. Jason's frustrated with his girlfriend, he bemoans, and his uncle is glad to help out, explaining to his sexy nephew that, "when your cock gets hard who gives a shit how you get off? It's all about the cock." It's advice Jason takes to heart as he drops to his knees and works his uncle's dick into his mouth. Reluctant at first, Jason starts with the mushroom head and in no time he's swallowing the long dong to the hilt, balls slapping against his chin. . After generously reciprocating with a face-fuck—and cumming all over him— Andrew bends his nephew over his weight bench and pounds his smooth and tight little ass until they both shoot their loads on each other's sweaty bodies yet again. In what's sure to be one of the most talked-about scenes of the year, the second scene is definitely a first for adult film and could have only been dreamt up and pulled off by a visionary, award-winning (and twisted) director like Joe Gage. . Tyler Kane (110° in Tucson), the ruggedly handsome architecture professor and his wheelchair-bound grad student Kai Grant (new to TitanMen) are burning the midnight oil on a big project. As they break for a snack (pizza, of course), the inquisitive professor can't help but wonder if his student's cock works despite the fact that his legs do not... so he just comes right out and asks him point blank. The devilishly handsome, shaved-head stud has a good idea what's on his professor's mind so he unzips his trousers for him to see for himself. His uncut cock is rock-hard: he peels back the foreskin and offers him up a taste. With very little hesitation, Tyler sucks the whole thing down enthusiastically and with great finesse. As Kai sits in his wheelchair, Tyler stands before him feeding him his dick. Before long, he lifts Kai out of it and places him on a leather wingback chair so he can resume blowing him in style. He services his horny student, tugging on his ample balls while he slides it down his hungry throat. Tyler milks Kai to an explosive orgasmic release and then scoops up and feeds him every last drop of his load before covering his hairy chest with his own juice. . Continuing on with the servicing of his student, Tyler opens Kai's ass first with a butt plug and then his fingers (all the while, Kai is holding back his own legs with his arms). Once he's good and loose (and begging for it), the professor delivers his star student a proper ass fucking, with a steamy helping of dirty talk on the side. After doing him in a bunch of different positions and fucking the cum clear out of him, Tyler shoots a generous load of his man-juice on Kai's hairy chest one last time and collapses on him in a sticky embrace. It's Dean's last stop of the night, and his last chance to finally get a slice of the action himself. A couple of the guys on campus have been doing a weekly game of Texas Hold ‘Em since the beginning of the semester and what's poker without a couple of pizzas? Tonight, it's the usual players: Drop-dead handsome TitanMen Exclusive Damien Crosse (H2O, Breathless), nubile and lustful Mason Wyler (The Road to Redneck Hollow), muscular bad-ass new Titan Man Justin Riddick, and rugged David Korben (Folsom Leather). They offer Dean a seat at their table but not before the scheming Mason changes up the rules on him: each time someone loses a hand, they've got to strip an article of clothing, and, if they get down to their shorts, "its full frontal, buddy." . Poor Dean must have the worst luck in the world because he's down to his shorts after just a couple of hands, and Mason is all too eager to yank his boxers clear down to his ankles (those are the rules, after all). Mason's clothes are the next to go, and he's proud to show off his smooth, swimmer's physique and oversized, uncut dick to the guys (again, those are the rules). One-by-one they all loose their clothes and one-by-one their cocks slowly fill with blood and stiffen. By now, no one can concentrate on the game and (after taking a break for a pizza, of course) their once-serious game quickly devolves into a five-man fuck-and-suck fest. . David's dropped to his knees and started to inhale Damien's gorgeous cock and low-hanging balls while across the card table, Mason begins to suck off Dean. As Dean returns the favor by effortlessly swallowing every last inch of Mason's huge cock, Justin splays out on the bed and jerks a thick load out of himself while spying on the action from across the room. Dean and Damien are the next to shoot with two more big cum shots. . Then it's time for another slice of pizza before the ass eating begins; Damien dives into Mason's puckering pink hole while Dean goes to town on David's hairy hole. Justin finally joins in on the action, sliding his cock into lucky Mason's mouth, who's now getting it in both ends. Mason loosens up Dean's ass with a lubed-up steel rod and then Damien tries it on Mason, who moans in pure ecstasy as Damien probes deeper and deeper. . The ass fucking begins on the bed with Dean and Mason bent over taking Justin and Damien's unforgiving cocks. In one of the most intense sequences of the whole movie, Damien forcefully drill-fucks Mason, building up a faster and faster rhythm, as Mason cries louder with each ass-slapping pump of his cock. Just when it seems as if it isn't humanly possible to fuck harder, David greedily pushes Mason off Damien's cock and Damien proceeds to give it to him so hard, it's, well, scary. . All guys have found their way onto the bed and the cadence of the five-man fuck fest continues to build to a frenzied pace as they swap positions, each taking turns fucking, sucking and savoring each other's intense, masculine sexual energy. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder on their knees, the men erupt in an explosive final orgasm, bringing the finale to a cum-and-sweat-drenched end.