Carsten Andersson and Spencer Reed - Hard Up - Scene 2

Walking down the street, blond Carsten Andersson is caught by the arresting smile of bearded stranger Spencer Reed - who leads them into an empty building as the two passionately kiss. Carsten rubs the growing bulge in Spencer's jeans - dropping down to worship the big and thick beauty. Spencer takes control, wrapping his man hands around the sucker's head and plowing his face. Carsten whips his face with Spencer's cock, sniffing it before sucking some more. Spencer returns the favor, spitting on tan and smooth Carsten's cock. After sucking Spencer some more, the two kiss as their cocks clash in hot swordplay. Spencer buries his beard in Carsten's smooth hole, then fucks him doggie style before Carsten sits down on the alpha stud - whose furry balls are caked with sweat and spit. On his back, Carsten gets it harder and faster - the bottom shooting a wad that drips down his own thigh before Spencer unloads on him.