Caught in the Act Scene 1: Christopher Daniesl & Tyler Griz

In bed with his laptop, Christopher Daniels watches porn through his thick-framed glasses and his cock popping out of his boxers. He's interrupted by Tyler Griz: 'What are you doin'?' he asks. The strawberry blond answers: 'You wanna see what I was watching?' The smooth and tattooed voyeur rubs his bulge, releasing his throbber as Christopher stares at it before inching closer and teasing Tyler's dick with his tongue before opening wide for a face fuck. The toned stud with the high-and-tight haircut returns the favor, deep-throating Christopher before bending over to get munched. Christopher slaps Tyler's ass, spitting on it before burying his scruffy chin inside. Tyler sits on Christopher's face, bending down to eat him out. Tyler plows him from behind, grinding in deep ('Open it up, baby!') before getting the bottom on his back and the two placing their hands on each other's pecs. Tyler straddles the bottom's face, the two dumping their wads.