Chain Reaction Scene 3: Adam Russo & Casey Williams

Casey Williams wants payback from boss Adam Russo for having to work on a Sunday: 'I was thinking maybe you might suck me off.' The handsome boss pauses before turning the tables: 'I think that might be your job.' Adam unzips and releases his throbber, Casey smiling and taking it deep. 'Gag on it!' orders Adam, forcing it down. 'Keep it! Keep it!' The two engage in swordplay ('Put some precum on my dick,' says Casey) before Adam returns the suck, the two going back and forth in a hot oral exchange that has Adam getting more verbal: 'Let me fuck your throat! Open that mouth! Fuckin' take my dick!' Casey snaps his own cock up as he sucks, Adam growling throughout. Casey gets eaten and finger fucked before Adam slides his cock in: 'Fuckin' open that ass for me!' Adam gets on his back to take Casey's dick and the top's bush tickling the bottom's ass. 'How's that, boss?' he asks, jacking Adam as he fucks him. It ends with Casey's unforgettable cumshot and flying all the way to Adam's face, a wad stuck to his chin.