From the company that brings you masculine and sexually charged men exploring each other from the great outdoors to the belly of cargo ships comes, . Produced by TITAN Media and directed by David Wexler, brings you ninety minutes of humpy, hot and sticky sex. Featuring icons Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Dean Coulter and Mike Roberts – is the high-charge, non-stop video you've been waiting for. Jason Branch and Blake Harper are posing in Speedos in a photo shoot that's too hot for either of them to stand still. With some slow kissing and tit chewing, those Speedos begin to get smaller and smaller as these two start swelling in just the right spots. Harper works his way from Branch's lips to his chin, down to his impeccable, furry abs, nibbling and chewing all the way, cleaning his navel out with his tongue – it's an unmistakable case of washboard worship. Things are heating up fast, and Harper is only too happy to climb back up and clean out Branch's moist, deep pits for him. Harper peels off Branch's sticky swimsuit and swallows that thick, meaty prick in one deep gulp. It truly is a shame that there's no Olympic games category for male-to-male fellatio. Harper would easily bring home the gold for his artful performance on Branch's impressive cock. Branch pulls Harper up under his ass and does his damnedest to wedge his tongue, furry chin and mouth into his own twitching hole. Branch rolls Harper over and teases his ass with his stiff tool, massaging it into his ass crack, rubbing the slimy head of his cock over Harper's perineum. He throws on a safe and very, very slowly sinks his piece into Harper's gorgeous, round butt. Branch gives Harper the works – long, deep strokes, followed by some furious ass-pounding. These guys are having sweaty, moaning, close-your-eyes-it feels-so-goddamned-good sex. At the last minute, Branch pulls out of Harper's ass, hops up onto his handsome goatee and pumps a load all over his buddy's tight torso. Harper returns the favor, climbing onto Branch's chest and tossing his own load all over that beautiful gut. Scott Malone, Jeff Halsey, and Jacob Scott are posing with cycles and skateboards. And what a sight they are – a sexy collection of muscles and tattoos and piercing gear. Before you know it, these three are out of their shorts and groping and kissing and sucking each other. Scott gets down on his knees, jacking his pierced cock and working over Halsey's meaty dick. Meanwhile, Malone sticks his tongue down Halsey's throat and grabs hold of his tits. These guys know how to make the most of a threesome! Scott gets his furry ass cleaned out by Malone's hungry mouth while Halsey chews Scott's tits, spreading his cheeks apart wider for his buddy's rim-job (how does the camera get that close and manage to stay dry?). Malone and Scott are true team players – they're down in Halsey's crotch together, slurping on that beefy prong in tandem, working side by side, taking turns on sucking the length of it all the way their throats. Halsey rolls Malone over and warms up his ass, cleaning it out with his tongue, working in one finger, two fingers, in and out of what looks like a mighty tight hole. With Malone on his back, Halsey plants himself deep inside his butt while Scott leans over and fucks his face from the other end. Malone's caught in the middle of a horny tangle of plowing and deep-throating and dick-stroking, and before you can say "3-In-1 Oil" the man has tossed a steaming wad of cum onto his belly. Scott unscrews his PA and tosses the ring onto Malone's chest. Scott and Halsey beat their dicks fast and furious until they both cream loads of thick, ropy cum. Back on that couch, Butler's really beginning to heat up. He's already turning the pages, moving on to his next favorite, Mark Wadsworth. In knee-high leather boots, full harness, armbands and a leather jock, Wadsworth is a heart-stopper. Calling him sexy is like calling the Niagara Falls ‘kinda wet.' Curly dark hair, devilish eyes, and a grin that's guaranteed to make your dick ooze with precum. Wadsworth like's that getup he's in, too – he's groping his crotch, massaging the leather pouch he's barely managed to stuff himself into. He tugs and pulls at the ring in his tit, running his other hand over his torso. Wadsworth pulls off one of those big old boots and starts digging the heel into his crotch. He slowly unsnaps the harness, kissing it, licking the black leather. Pulling off the jock, he raises it to his nose, taking a nice deep sniff, stuffing his nose in as far as he can. Wadsworth turns around to take off the other boot, showing off a high, round ass and an gorgeous, muscular back. He turns around and jacks his cock for us slowly, tugging the skin up onto the head of his prick, catching the precum with his finger and licking it off. Picking up the tempo, Wadsworth jacks that thick cock of his faster and faster, closing his eyes and grunting as he cums all over his crotch. Reaching down into his pubes he scoops up thick puddle of jizm, rubbing the cum into his torso and chest, sticking his fingers into his hand to taste himself. Wadsworth smiles into the camera, smearing more cum into the toe of a boot. The sight of Wadsworth has got Butler so horny he's rolled himself over, humping away at that couch. From the way the man's grinding, it won't be much longer before he loses that load he's been working on so hard. And with fantasy material like Dean Coulter and Mike Roberts, Butler won't have long to wait. Roberts is tied to a wrought-iron bed, wearing a spandex hood and a pair of gym shorts. Roberts is big. Beefy. Hairy all over. He's thick and hard from head to toe – just the way Coulter likes ‘em. Kneeling in a black jock, he kisses Roberts through the hood, chewing on his meaty tits, sucking on his furry, hard six-pack, working his way south to munch on the fat package filling out Roberts' shorts. Coulter gets up, untying Roberts, pulling the hood off and leading him onto the bed. Roberts climbs onto Coulter, kissing that handsome, dark goatee, sucking his dick. Roberts yanks off Coulter's jock and pulls off his own shorts. Roberts stuffs his heavy nuts into Coulter's mouth, pulls them out and stuffs his big uncut dick down his throat. Trading places, Coulter raises Robert's legs and works his tongue deep into his hole, chewing out his ass slow and loud and rough. Roberts has got a helluva an ass – big, firm and furry. Coulter looks mighty happy working it over with his mouth, and Roberts is grunting and moaning and groaning in agreement. Roberts rolls Coulter onto his belly, working two fingers into his beautiful ass, jacking Coulter's stiff prick with his other hand. Roberts is ready to fuck. Sinking that big daddy cock of his all the way in, he fucks that pretty round butt like an artist. From above, behind, and underneath, Roberts plows away at Coulter's round butt. Roberts pulls out his dick and replaces it with a fat, thick dildo. He squats over Coulter's face, slapping away at the dildo in his ass until Coulter shoot a load onto his thigh. Coulter takes a seat on Roberts face while he beats that uncut dick of his, hollering and sweating as he cums all over his tight, furry gut.