Close Up: Scene 2: Will Swagger & Brian Davilla

Will Swagger and Brian Davilla enter the living room and kiss and Brian's salt-and-pepper beard grazing Will's 5 o'clock shadow. Will whips out Brian's huge cock, staring at it as he grips it with his hand and then looking up and whispering 'Nice!' Will dives down, Brian's gravelly voice guiding the sucker: 'Balls deep?back it in!' The breathless Will follows the alpha's instructions, getting on his back as Brian straddles his face to feed him. Will guides him down, Brian opening wide and spitting big wads on the sizable shaft. Will turns over as Brian slides inside him. 'Arch your back,' says the top, pressing on the small of Will's back as he fucks him balls deep. Will sits down on it, his ass swallowing Brian's beast as the top grips Will's boner. Will flicks Brian's nips, the top's toes curling. 'Fuck yourself!' yells Brian as Will rides him, the bottom's sac sliding against the top's stomach. Will gets on his back for more as the top grips his neck and the two soon coming.