Closed Set

Twenty-five years ago, Joe Gage created the all-male, all-sex reality flick— . It was only natural that after signing on with Titan, he'd want to use the company's rough playing men and top-notch technical team for an update. But in : Titan Stage One, the Master doesn't just re-make his legendary classic. He re-invents it. You get fifteen hot, sweaty guys, including TitanMen Exclusives Tober Brandt, Hunt Parker, Cole Ryan, and Titan's own Keith Webb in his long-overdue return to film, in two hours of real time roughhousing. With some brand new twists. . Here are the traditional, cock-obsessed Gage men—beefy blue collar guys who don't shave their balls, and whose favorite lubricant is spit. Which you're as likely to get in your face as up the ass. And here's Gage's accustomed mingling of recognized raunch-hands with eager newcomers. Then Gage heats the brew, adding audition interviews, so you can size the guys up before you catch ‘em in try-out action. And kink. Tober takes a piss bath before sucking it up, and Matthieu Paris' ass gets a hellacious fisting. And, oh yeah, there's a virgin. No, really. Tight bodied kick-boxer Cole Ryan wanted his first time to be on film. So Gage filmed him getting it from Troy Moore, the big cocked blond from Big Muscle. Ryan's saved-up quarts of cum fly high. : Titan Stage One's an amazing cum-blast kinda feature. Also, suck, fuck, piss and fist. The set may be closed, but the action's wide open. Glory Hole. Derrick Hanson, Hunt Parker, and Tom Lazzari. Slender, young Mason Wyler doesn't know just how deep into the fray his work as a videographer for the new TitanMen feature, : Titan Stage One, is going to get him. He can't help being aroused by the sight of Derrick Hanson, sitting on a stool in a glory hole set, going down on dark-bearded daddy Hunt Parker. Second cameraman Tom Lazzari trades the tool of his trade for his own hardening flesh tool—now, that's a piece of pipe! The fat and heavy cock slides endlessly through a second g-hole, and Hanson holds on to Parker's cock as he chows down on Lazzari's. Parker's cock spits rapidly and repeatedly onto Hanson's chest, and Hanson lubes the hot sauce onto his cock, beating ‘til it blows high and hard, as Lazzari's cum-load spurts across him from the other side. Tryouts: Cock-sucker. Lee Raleigh sucks Steve Trevor. "I hear you're a great cocksucker," the cameraman says to lanky, tattooed redhead Lee Raleigh. "Why don't you show us what you can do?" Raleigh shows just what a power-mouth he's got when the cock he devours stiffens up before our eyes. The expert mouth-work causes rapid surrender, and busted nuts blast across Raleigh's face.. Davenport Dicking. Derrick Hanson tops Hunt Parker, with Lee Raleigh and Tom Lazzari. Raleigh's working his mouth on Derrick Hanson, while Tom Lazzari buries his face in the furry butt-crack of big Hunt Parker, loosening the hole for Hanson's mean member. Hanson feeds it in slow, and Parker's ass swallows every hard inch—only to find his prime ass pumped so hard that he creams himself. Hanson cries out, "Jesus!" at the inexhaustible barrage of buttermilk Lazzari erupts with, and lands his own big load across Parker's sweat and cumdrenched torso. Tryouts: Duo. Josh West and Steve Trevor. Bearded Josh West and clean-shaven Steve Trevor are a coupla beefy, crewcut trucker types, who show off the goods for each other in a good ol' buddy beatoff that drains their nuts and warms ‘em up for the next, more demanding round.. Threeway. Steve Trevor and Josh West top Mike Stern. As Trevor's face-fucking rough looking Mike Stern, you'll be as distracted as cameraman Wyler. Finally giving in to the set's sex-charge, he hauls it out. Whoa—the guy's got a big, uncut schlong. West and Trevor rubber up to pile drive Stern's greedy, tight gripper, and when they all blow together, Wyler relieves the day's tension himself, working his nipple and pumping his cock in a personal moment of prick need. Tober Brandt, Jon Galt, Mike Grant and Mason Wyler, with Josh West and Steve Trevor. Here's the overheated heart of : Titan Stage One. It's a real knock down bout when Tober Brandt and Mike Grant get to punchin' out Jon Galt. Galt's pummeled from both sides by Brandt and Grant, with all three spewing spit and gulping saliva before Brandt and Grant give Galt a mean ball twisting, ass-stretching manfuck. Then they gang up on Wyler, stretching his pristine tight ass ‘til he screams. Galt rides Brandt's solid fucktool, and sprays cum across him, while Trevor, Grant and West let loose their own long-distance jets of manjuice. But they can't stop there. Brandt's covered in sweat, spit and jerk jelly, so Grant, Trevor and Stern hose him down with long golden streams that have the gulping piss-pig writhing in pleasure. Fist. Keith Webb and Derrick Hanson top Matthieu Paris. Meanwhile, Derrick Hanson is prepping the ass of lean, uncut, and very hungry bottom Matthieu Paris. But when the dark hole yawns open, it's Keith Webb who gets to fist it. Paris gets big-time hard during Webb's two-handed holepunching, before Hanson joins in to share the spreading rosebud with Webb in the year's most sensational fisting. When they've all blasted their jizz, Hanson's a pisser for Paris, giving the insatiable bottom's cock a thorough hose-down. Virgin No More. Cole Ryan tops Troy Moore. Ryan gets what he's been wanting, too. His cock's leaking clear pre-cum when hot stud Troy Moore squeezes it, and his face mirrors surprise, joy, pain and ecstasy when Moore gives him his first blow job. Getting his first taste of cock, Cole warms to Moore's high-quality meat. He goes wide-eyed and slack-jawed at his first rimming. And when Moore yields his prime piece of ass to Ryan's achingly stiff bone, the guy takes to it like a pro, going deep, grinding hard. Ryan's slow and steady stroking builds to an agonized climax, and he's shattered by the thunderous blasts that spew his no-longer-a-virgin's victory over Moore's head again and again. And again.