Command Post

This episode is about military men in the situations you've only fantasized about until now: in the barracks, on the base, on the field. Starring TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Dean Flynn and Dirk Jager, it also features the first unforgettable on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse.. Tober Brandt arrives while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up camp. As things start heating up, Tober takes them back to his motorcycle where they take turns fucking each other on it in an explosive three-way. Dean Flynn gets a message from HQ: Rendezvous tomorrow at 0800 hours, which means he's alone with Dirk Jager in the tent until then, and what better way to pass the time than to get boned by the shaved-headed stud and his massive cock?. It's a steamy hot night and Darius Falke and Steve Cruz are sweating through their tanks. It's too hot to sleep and the humid weather's got Steve thinking about one thing: having a ride on Darius's fat cock.. By a campfire, Victor Banda and Damien Cross talk about how everyone thinks they're brothers and that they're so close they practically are. Damien gets up to take a piss, and despite the fact that he's got a raging boner, he shoots a stream of hot liquid ten feet away. When Damien invites his buddy to "touch it", Victor soon falls under his command! Tober Brandt arrives on his motorcycle while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up the main tent; Marko is tying down the posts while Alexy is getting a fire started. Tober takes off his helmet and peels off his jacket to reveal his muscular physique. He helps Marko with the tent, and then pulls Alexy away from his fire. Things quickly start heating up between the three as they start ripping off their fatigues and rubbing up against each other, kissing and feeling one another's tight, chiseled bodies. Alexy drops to his knees for a taste of Tober's thick cock. He enthusiastically sucks it down to the hilt. Marko follows suit, dropping down to fill his throat with his comrades' meat. The three take turns eagerly sucking on each other's rockhard cocks in a manic frenzy of grunts, groans, and gags until they each shoot a fat load.. Tober takes them back to his motorcycle where he splays Alexy over the seat. While Marko is throat-fucking him, Tober takes special care with Alexy's gorgeous, smooth and hungry ass, burying his face in it as Alexy impales his face on Marko's hard cock. Tober slips on a rubber and then buries his cock deep inside Alexy. Alexy moans in the shear delight of having both his holes filled with hard cock and soon gets the cum fucked out of him. Now it's Marko's turn: Lying face-up on the motorcycle, Alexy and Tober trade off pounding his ass and sucking his cock until they all each shoot another load. Later that night inside the main tent, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn gets a message from HQ: Rendezvous tomorrow at 1500 hours, which means he's alone with TitanMen exclusive Dirk Jager until then, and what better way to pass the time than to get boned by the shaved-head stud and his massive cock? Dean quickly peels down Dirk's camo fatigues to reveal his rockhard cock waiting for his warm mouth. Dean tugs on Dirk's foreskin, running his tongue and finger between the rim and the head of his cock. With his hand on the back of Dean's head, Dirk thrusts his cock deep down into Dean's face. With each forcible thrust from Dirk's chiseled core, his cock goes deeper and deeper down into Dean's throat, leaving him gasping for air. Dirk returns the favor on Dean's long cock, easily deep-throating it until Dean's balls, covered in spit, are pinned tight against his chin. They work each other up, staring deeply into each other's eyes, until they both shoot their loads all over each other.. Dean goes outside to untie the tent flaps and Dirk comes up from behind and spreads his ass open. Back arched, Dean moans in delight as Dirk goes to town on his muscle-butt, spitting on his hole and working it up and down with his darting tongue. Dirk lubes up a finger with his spit, then works it in. He slowly gets two, then three, then almost his entire fist into Dean's unstoppable ass (all the while, Dean's dick remains rock hard). After putting on a condom, Dirk quickly starts diesel-fucking Dean who can barely hold himself up against Dirk's intense anal attack. They move onto a bunk where Dirk continues to aggressively fuck Dean doggy style, burying his cock as deep as it can possibly go into him. Finally, he flips Dean over so they can be face-to-face while they shoot their loads onto Dean's pecs and abs. It's a hot and steamy night and TitanMen exclusive Darius Falke and Steve Cruz are sweating through their tank tops. It's too hot to sleep and the humid weather has got Steve thinking about one thing: peeling off Darius's sweat-drenched clothes and really working up a man-sweat. Steve drops to his knees before Darius, pulling Darius's cock out of his boxers, spitting all over it, and then enthusiastically slurping it down while jerking off his own cock at a furious pace. When Steve comes up for air, the two pigs spit all over each other and lick the sweaty residue off each other's hairy, worked-out bodies. Darius crouches in front of Steve and bounces up and down on Steve's fat cock with rapid intensity, tugging on his balls as a handle to pull his cock deeper into his throat. With Steve on his back, Darius sits on Steve's face while he continues to inhale his cock. Steve hungrily tongues Darius's hole while he jacks himself off to a big load all over his hairy stomach. With Steve's face still buried in his ass, Darius shoots a hefty load all over Steve too.. But the two studs are just getting started. Steve bends over and commands Darius to lick his hole while he strokes his hard cock from behind. Between licks and strokes, Darius eases two fingers into Steve's hungry, hairy hole. Steve, ever-eager to get fucked, lubes up Darius's rock-hard member and backs right up into it. After pounding Steve from behind for a while, Darius lies on his back while Steve bounces up and down on him, Steve's own rock-hard cock bouncing up and down with each thrust. He throws Steve on his back for the final fuck and once again they both cum all over his hairy chest and stomach before they collapse in an intense soul kiss. By a campfire, TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse are having an intimate moment: Damien confesses that Victor is like a brother to him. Victor reminds him that everyone thinks they are brothers (for good reason—these two muscular, Latin studs could almost pass as twins!) It's another hot, humid night, and when Damien gets up to take a piss, he's got a hard-on that's jutting right out of the slit in his boxers. Despite the fact that he's got a raging boner, he shoots a stream of hot liquid like ten feet away. Victor watches in amazement at the arch of steaming-hot piss whizzes past his face. When he's done, Damien asks his buddy to touch his hard cock—after some coaxing, he begins to stroke it, pulling his ample foreskin back and forth over his fat head. Before long, both guys have stripped off their shorts and Damien is choking on Victor's long, curved, uncut cock. After a long, hard face-fucking, Victor chows down on Damien's equally long, uncut cock with aplomb, coaxing him to spew his manjuice all over Victor's hairy chest. Victor shoots his own load soon after that.. Now it's time to take things a step further. As Victor spreads open his hairy ass, Damien spits on his hole and tongue-fucks it with pounding thrusts. After a thorough tongue-lashing, Damien rubs his hard cock up and down on Victor's crack, teasing him and practically making him beg for it. After slapping on a rubber, Damien quickly delves into his ass, delivering a brutal ass pounding Victor won't soon forget. After throwing him on his back for the final thrusts, Damien shoots a massive load all over Victor, which he then laps up before Victor finally cums, too.