Cop Shack 2: Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line- Cop Shack 2. When these cops aren't busting the bad guys, they're busting each other up the ass! Directed by Joe Gage, Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2 continues the saga of Cop Shack on 101 and features the return of Jason Ridge as the new cop who arrives in sleepy Santa Mira, CA to discover a horny gang of uniformed studs who like to fuck each other, suck dick and jerk off. . Brawny TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington (Hitch, Folsom Filth) and new Titan Man Trey Casteel get measured for new uniforms and in the process ream TitanMen fireplug Patrick O'Connor (Folsom Filth) to within an inch of his life before hosing him down in an ocean of piss.. In a truly nasty three way, horny Scott Wilde (Nailed: ManPlay 26) fucks a hot straight couple (beautiful blond Leah Wilde and boyishly sexy Logan Robbins) and then the girl turns the tables, straps it on and fucks him and her boyfriend! . And in the last scene, sexy TitanMen exclusive Alex Brawley (Arcade on Route 9) lures beefy Jason Ridge to the local cop shack, where Jason's mercilessly gang banged by a bunch of mean and muscular cops including tough man Steve Trevor (Folsom Filth), sexy Nick Horn (Hitch), and hard-bodied Jon Matthews (Boot Camp: ManPlay 24), while hairy stud Collin O' Neal slam fucks guy-next-door Dean Tucker (Hitch). Scene 1: Getting Fitted for Duty. Diesel Washington fucks Trey Casteel and Patrick O'Connor, and Trey and Patrick suck Diesel's huge cock. At the end of the scene, Diesel and Trey hose Patrick down with a shower of piss. . Towering, muscular TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington and handsome stud Trey Casteel are two cops who're visiting a tailor (muscled fireplug Patrick O'Connor) to get fitted for uniforms. Patrick takes just one look at the two hunks to decide what he's going to eat for lunch – a huge helping of big fat cop dick.. Diesel strips down to reveal a perfectly ripped torso, massive pecs, and huge shoulders – it's a beautiful site that horny Patrick can't resist; he slowly gorges on Diesel's enormous pole, gagging as he slides his slick throat to the base. Diesel roars in pleasure and starts to pump and thrust his cock down Patrick's throat, making Patrick choke and gag. Patrick goes back and forth between Trey and Diesel, sucking and stroking their rock hard cocks, burying his face in their pubes and lathering their cocks up with his spit. . Trey and Patrick feast on Diesel's dick like it's their last meal, and Trey greedily swallows Patrick's throbbing prick before Diesel turns Patrick butt-side up on a bench and dives face down into his tight, round ass. Trey takes a turn burying his handsome face between Patrick's luscious ass cheeks, hurling gobs of spit into his hole and tonguing him good while Diesel fingers Trey's hole. . The three guys grease up their cocks and jack off. Patrick blows first, groaning as he squirts his cum, and Diesel howls and lets rip a rushing river of jizz before furiously finger fucking Trey, who sends spunk flying onto his own face and thick pecs. . Patrick clamps his ass onto Diesel's enormous cock, riding up and down the monster shaft. After Diesel's worn Patrick's ass out, Trey eases down on Diesel's dick, bucking up and down like a wild man. Patrick's an insatiable bottom who wants to get fucked again and again, so Diesel and Trey trade off pumping and pounding the lucky guy. . Trey lies on the bench and Diesel slides his horse cock in him until Trey sends another load flying all over his hot ripped pecs. Patrick wants to get fucked yet again so Diesel slams into his ass, pulls out and erupts in a volcano of molten cum all over Patrick's tight, hairy torso before Patrick blow his own jizz high and wide. . After all this satisfying action, the cops finally get dressed and are ready to leave, but before they go, they obligingly give Patrick a piss shower as he sits on the toilet. Diesel's the first to let his warm piss fly over Patrick, who laps it up and bathes his tight pecs and face in the liquid. Trey unleashes a gusher of gold that Patrick eagerly slurps up before shooting his own piss rocket off right into his open mouth. Scene 2: Ocean Terrace Apartments. Leah Wilde and her boyfriend Logan Robbins report a stolen car, and fuck and get fucked by a handsome detective who shows up to take a report. . Leah Wilde's reported a stolen car, and when hunky detective Scott Wilde (no relation) shows up to make a housecall to question her on the details, her hunky boyfriend—tall, muscular and smooth Logan Robbins—comes out of the bathroom in a towel, which he quickly drops to reveal his throbbing hard dick. Leah's not sure how the handsome cop's going to react, but once she spreads her legs and gives Scott a peek at what's between, the answer's clear - the horny detective pulls his hardening cock out and starts stroking it. . Leah sucks Logan's big stiff dick, running her tongue up and down his veiny shaft, pulling on his ball sack and moaning while Scott strokes his dick and watches, aroused and intrigued. . Scott gets on the floor with Leah and the two share cocksucking duty on Logan, then Leah switches over to suck on Scott's dick while Scott continues to chow down on 3 Logan's meaty member. Scott sits back on the couch and spreads his long muscular legs for Leah to crawl between and swallow his cop cock. . Logan gets off on watching his girlfriend blowing Scott and spews out an unbelievably huge arc of spunk across the room, and seeing that unforgettaqble sight, Scott shoots a wad of hot jizz all over his lean tan torso as Leah massages his tight balls. . Logan grins at Leah and tells her to "get that thing." They've evidently had some experience with "that thing"; she know exactly what he's talking about and reaches into a drawer and pulls out and straps on an enormous dildo. She fucks Scott doggy style, and from his grunting and grimacing, it's obvious Scott loves getting plowed! . Leah fucks her boyfriend as he sucks Scott's shaft, then Scott and Logan take turns fucking Leah doggy style and on her back while she plays with her clit. As Logan's boning his girlfriend, the stoic detective slides his dick into Logan's waiting mouth and throat fucks him. Turning the tables, Logan rams his dick up Scott's ass while Scott dives into Leah's crotch, and pulling out abruptly, Logan send a gigantic fountain of frothy cum all over the detective's thick, broad back. Leah fingers the detective's greasy asshole, pushing him over the edge and sending his spunk spilling out onto her stomach. Scene 3 The Cop Shack. Alex Brawley introduces new cop Jason Ridge to group man sex in the cop shack, and the horde of horny cops give Dean Tucker a warm piss bath. . When TitanMen exclusive Alex Brawley has to take a leak, Jason follows him into the back of the cop shack where they find sexy Jon Matthews, tall, hard-bodied Steve Trevor, and beefy, shaved-headed Nick Horn, sitting around rubbing their cocks through their tight-fitting police uniforms. . The action in the cop shack quickly heats up. Steve stuffs Nick's mouth with his cock and beats him in the face with his dick, with Nick spitting and gagging as he slides his throat down Steve's and Jon's shafts to their cum-filled balls. . Alex brings Jason over and forces him down on his knees to get his face fucked by all the studly cop cocks, getting their protruding penises slippery with his spit. . Hairy, muscular Collin O'Neal and beefy, guy next door Dean Tucker walk in, quickly getting naked; Collin reveals a nicely-sized pole that's aching for attention, which Dean gladly provides by slobbering on Collin's dick head, licking his shaft and hungrily sucking on his balls. As Collin lies back on a couch, Dean takes a ride on his big dick, leaning back on Collin's thick hairy pecs while Collin spanks his ass and slams him up and down on his rigid rod.. Jason ends up on a table with his shirt open, pants off, legs in the air, dick stiff, and asshole winking an introduction to his new colleagues. The guys waste no time and slide condoms over their hard dicks to take turns pounding Jason's beefy ass. . The orgy turns up a notch as Steve bends Jason over a couch and slams a vicious fuck up his ass. As Nick pounds Alex, Collin piston fucks Dean's tight hole until Dean blows his wad all over the floor. Steve blows his load all over Jason's muscular back, and Collin sends a load of spunk flying over Jason's head, raining down on his thick shoulders. Nick pulls out and spurts his seed onto Alex's smooth asscrack and Jon sends a fountain of jizz hurtling onto the floor. Finally, it's the new guy's turn to get some ass, as Jason bends Alex over a cabinet and rams his thick cock up the tight hole until Alex churns out a load of cream all over the furniture and Jason blows his load, coating Alex's tight butt cheeks in a layer of cum. . In the scene's finale, Dean's on the floor naked and stroking his dick surrounded by Alex, Steve, Nick and Jon; the four studs spray him head to toe with a flood of piss from every direction, soaking his hairy chest and leaving him drenched and sitting in a huge puddle of golden liquid.