Deep End Part 2

Locked and loaded with their water guns, muscle men Logan Scott and Jason Diaz exchange smiles and squirts in the pool. The two pump their weapons and shoot at each other, their huge bods shining as water cascades down. Dark and handsome Jason finally moves in for a kiss, the two leaving the pool as they lock lips. Jason licks Logan's pit and pecs, working his way down to the stud's wet bulge. Logan's jock cock is soon released, hot side shots capturing the action as Jason's dick-sucking lips pucker around the hard shaft. Jason stands for another kiss, freeing his own huge rod as the two grind against each other. Logan shows off his impressive skills by deepthroating his bud. The two stroke out their loads, Jason's ripped stomach getting even tighter. Logan offers his muscle ass as Jason warms it up with his tongue. The top slides his monster inside, the bottom's forehead clenching as he gets it hard. Soon on his back, Logan takes it like a man, stroking his own stiff meat in a solid sequence. The two stare at each other as Logan comes and the bottom then getting behind Jason to rub his massive back and shoulders as the top fires off a huge load that lands all over his tight abs, a kiss ending their encounter