Dirk Caber, Shay Michaels, and Hunter Marx - Sting Scene 1

A trio of agents run surveillance on criminals, monitoring a video feed of the suspects. But when the footage turns dirty, investigator Dirk Caber can't contain his excitement - his hand quickly on the thigh of co-worker Shay Michaels. The bearded muscle buds are soon kissing before Dirk slurps on Shay's cock, spit gobs falling to the floor. Shay returns the favor, gurgling as he deep throats Dirk down to the thick base. Hunter Marx awakens, whipping out his big banana dick and stroking on the sofa before feeding Shay. The sucker takes turns voraciously devouring both boners before pulling them down and letting them snap up in a hot sequence. The two alpha studs spit down, lubing up their cocks as their heads graze each other. The three shoot, Dirk's massive wad coating Shay's muscle pecs.. Now lying on the table, Shay feasts on Hunter's beast while getting eaten, fingered and fucked by Dirk. "You like that, you pig?' asks Hunter as Dirk rams the moaning bottom. Hunter then slides his monster cock balls-deep into Shay's hole, the top's sweaty ass hair clinging to his skin as he plunges all the way in and out. Shay sucks Dirk, who kisses Hunter above the bottom. Shay then takes out his aggression, getting Dirk's ass to ripple as he rams him doggie style. Hunter encourages the duo ("Squeeze that hole!") before topping Dirk, a hot smile across the top's face. He also jacks Shay, the three tactile studs all over each other. Hunter gets Dirk on his back for more, then lets Shay back in before getting behind him for a hot fuck train. Shay gyrates between his buds as the skin of his dangling sac clings to Dirk's ass. Hunter takes over, a low shot capturing the plunging penetration and his smooth, tight balls. The three squirt again, including another rocket from Dirk that flies over his shoulder.