Easy Inn

TitanMen proudly announces the availability of its newest accommodations, , where an unlocked door is an open invitation. Hospitality has never been warmer in a travel lodge, especially with a guest book that includes Ric Hunter, Tom Vaccaro, Seth Tochet, Lance Gear, Mack Kurtis, Dewayne Gill, Jason Branch, Michael Cooper and Jack Stuart. Director David Wexler plays host to this roadside sleazefest in which no rooms, or guests, remain unoccupied. An innocent walk to the ice machine turns into a meltdown as Ric Hunter finds Tom Vaccaro's door slightly ajar. After a moment's hesitation, Ric follows his crotch inside, and Vaccaro greets him as if he was long overdue by burying his face in Ric's sweaty pits. Tom's massive member soon demands attention, however, and Hunter is more than willing to oblige. Swallowing the girth of Tom's dick is no easy task, and Ric's tight hole practically begs for mercy when Vaccaro splits him open. After taking a hard ride on all fours, Ric squirts all over Tom's dick before lapping it up in a cum-soaked blowjob. Vaccaro finally unleashes his pent-up frustration across Hunter's goatee, giving him a milk mustache that clearly does a body good. A few doors down, Michael Cooper lets himself into Lance Gear's room. Face down the bed in leather chaps, Gear is obviously expecting more than a mint on his pillow. Gear rims Cooper's hairy butt and works it hard before shoving his dick inside. The bottom pig's grunting disturbs the neighbor in an inviting way, and they are soon joined by Jack Stuart. The generous Gear is more than willing to share, and plays tag-team on Cooper's ass. This is no gentle fuck and, contrary to the video's title, no easy in. Just when you think Cooper is destined for bottomhood, he trades off to show Stuart he can give as good as he gets. This sends each of the men over the edge, and in a cum shot that just keeps coming, Gear hoses down Stuart's face before kneeling down to lap up the delicious outcome. Seth Tochet should know better than to leave his door open while showering, and things only get steamier when Mack Kurtis hears the sound of running water and decides to investigate. Seth has barely dried off before working up another sweat, blowing Kurtis and then taking him doggie-style. The sight of his meat disappearing into Seth's beautiful mound of ass inspires Mack to dump his load across Seth's tanline. Never one to leave a mess, Mack gives a tongue bath to clean up Seth's drenched back. Seth rolls over to jerk off with a little held from his buddy. When he finishes, Mack feeds Tochet's own load to him, concluding a nasty session that leaves them both needing extra towels. Expecting a room all to himself, a mistake by the front desk attendant puts newly arrived guest Jason Branch in the awkward position of intruding upon fireplug Dewayne Gill. Caught by surprise with a towel wrapped around his muscled waist, both men quickly decide that double occupancy can mean double the fun. Blonde boy Branch admires the dark features of Dewayne's vascular body, tasting him fully before throwing Gill's legs over his shoulders. It doesn't take long for Jason to work Gill into a frenzy. He pulls out just in time to cover Gill's chest with long streams of cum, then decides to sample the taste of his load mixed with Gill's sweat. With action like this at , no wonder the rooms are double-booked.