Enzo Rimenez and Amir Roddero - Exposed Scene 3

Rubbing his smooth chest as his big dark nipples bask in the sun, dark-haired Enzo Rimenez works up the bulge in his jeans. His uncut cock released, he strokes and shows off his steel shaft, tugging his balls and whipping his dick around. A smiling Amir rounds the corner, the two locking eyes. The dark and handsome admirer comes in for a kiss, the two rubbing each other's toned and tight bods. Enzo drops down to feast on Amir's cock - a big, uncut beauty that grows harder inside his warm mouth. Amir wraps his hands around Enzo's head, the sucker's shaft pulsing as he pleases his bud. Amir whips his dick on Enzo's open mouth, shoving it in again for a fast face fuck. Amir sucks back, worshiping his bud's rock-hard dick as an enraptured Enzo looks down. The two squirt on each other, Amir rubbing his dick on Enzo's chest. In the living room, the two kiss before Enzo gets another face fuck. Bent over the couch, he also gets his ass fingered and licked. Amir works his boner in, grinding his groin nice and slow before picking up the pace as Enzo moans, his ass rippling. Amir kisses the bottom's back, later resting his hand on Enzo's neck as low shots catch the top's thick dick in action. On his back, Enzo gets rammed as Amir rests his hand on the bottom's pec in a memorable overhead shot. The two passionately kiss, stroking out two more loads as Amir's amazing abs tighten up, another kiss closing the action.