Remember that summer when all that mattered was being wet, naked and getting it on with another horny guy? Welcome to the wet and wild, man-to-man fantasy of FLUID. The bad boys of summer are back and they're on TITAN's team. TITAN Media is proud to announce the DVD release of FLUID, starring Tony Zerega, Doug Jeffries, Joe Magno, Vinnie Rocko, Thom Barron, Ricardo Reyes, Talvin DeMachio, James West and Scott Neely. . How'd you spend your last summer vacation? Well, here at TITAN we took nine hot men, found a quiet lake, rented a big boat and let the men be men. Remember being a kid at summer camp and jerking off all night in your cabin thinking about that counselor you couldn't keep your eyes off of? Well, you're all grown up now and so is he, and he's broad-shouldered, nasty, butch bottom Tony Zerega. Zerega and smooth-bodied Doug Jeffries are kickin' it out on the lake cruising around in their boats looking for someone new to do under the summer sun. Jeffries' houseboat is the perfect spot for an afternoon delight. In no time flat, Zerega's on his knees deep throating Jeffries' considerable cock and licking his sweaty hole. On the climb up the ladder to the upper deck, Jeffries is confronted with Zerega's needy hole and plunges in face first. In the blazing sunlight on the upper deck, Jeffries wastes no time getting into Zerega's insatiable butt. He pounds the broad shouldered stud but good. Just when you think they're spent and the action is all over, they heat up again. These guys must be solar-powered. Jeffries takes Tony Zerega on the lower deck this time, fucking him doggie-style and plastering his back with jets of thick jism. FLUID introduces a whole new set of talent to the TITAN tribe. One of the sexiest has to be Joe Magno. He's got a tall, lean torso, a lightly furry chest, and a face ya just wanna kiss...or smack with your dick. James West is ready to do that and more when the two take a romantic idyll in a wooded glen that quickly takes a nasty turn. They barely have their blanket laid down before Joe Magno's on his knees with West's dick in his mouth. James West proves he's not shy, returning the favor in spades. He eagerly sucks Magno's hard cock and then shoves him up against a tree and gives his butthole a furious oral workout, warming him up for the inevitable. And the inevitable's not too long in coming. Joe Magno takes West's hard-and-fast pistoning on his hands and knees with his cheeks spread wide. When the climax comes Magno's flat furry belly ends up covered in cum. Lick it up, baby, lick it up. While basking in the summer sun on his anchored speedboat, Tony Zerega spies Joe Magno freestyling by and decides to join him. After enjoying an aquatic frolic, our bouncing bottom boys retire to the boat where a towel drying quickly heats up. Zerega mouths Magno's meat and then pokes around the stud's backdoor with his swollen member. Magno flips around and drops his luscious butt onto Tony Zerega's probing tongue. All the butt play turns out to be too much for them, and they blow their loads. In Freudian psychology, water represents the world of sexual needs and unspoken desires. After a day spent water-skiing, Ricardo Reyes and Thom Barron are plenty in tune with this mysterious watery world, and it shows. They're only back on land for a few seconds before they snare bearish Vinnie Rocko for a wilderness adventure. Believe us, nature walks at Camp Cumoniwannalaya were never quite like this. Thom Barron, the Deutschlander boyish wonder, makes the first move and ends up taking the brunt of the blast here. Before you can say "spit" he's the center of attention getting sucked and fucked forwards, backwards, on his knees and flat on his back. Vinnie Rocko does the fucking, giving smooth and sexy Barron a pounding that leaves his hungry hole quivering. There's nothing like rushing water to soothe the nerves and calm the soul. Scott Neely and Talvin DeMachio discover the invigorating power of the universal solvent in motion. Fresh from a shower in a gushing man-made waterfall, compact muscle-boy DeMachio puts the moves on beefy super-stud Scott Neely. Each of them gives the other full-body service, matching one another blow for blow in a steamy oral frenzy. This isn't a fight for top; that victory was decided before the first touch. In the words of the ancient Romans, DeMachio is parvus sed potens, small but mighty. He tops Scott Neely like a pro, but honestly, Neely doesn't put up much of a fight. He meets DeMachio's graceful fucking thrust for thrust, and finally takes control of the action, squatting on DeMachio's hard cock, riding him like a rodeo cowboy. Their grunts of pleasure resound through the hills and valleys of Northern California as they climax together.