Gunnery Sgt. McCool

Vinnie D'Angelo is : the horniest and most twisted sergeant on the base. He's got six more weeks stateside, and he drums up all sorts of trouble with his fellow servicemen before they send him back out. Leave it to legendary director Joe Gage to recruit 14 rugged sergeants and privates to go at it like only enlisted men can in his hottest film to date.. Tony Masala is in hot water and gives him an order: He's to give him and Andrew Justice a full servicing. The lean and hairy stud obliges, first sucking them off until they cum and then giving up his ass until they both shoot again.. Seems there are a lot of people out there who're looking to take advantage of a Marine—like Tyler Saint, who convinces Jason Ridge to jerk off while he tapes him. It doesn't take long for Tyler to join in, but just how far will he make him go?. Scott Tanner and Brandon Monroe return to Scott's place after a long of night drinking. When Scott's son Justin Burkshire spies Brandon splayed out on the couch, he goes straight for Brandon's hard cock. But when Scott catches his son jerking off his fellow sergeant, is he gonna whip his ass ... or fuck it?. For the explosive finale, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn takes us to a sperm bank where he and Kai Grant, Jean Paul Roccard, Erik Hall, Vinnie D'Angelo, Jason Reynolds and Tyler Kane get wrapped up in a long and insanely hot piss-drenched fuck session that tops anything Joe Gage has ever done. At the Armed Services Detention Center at Ft. Locke in San Antonio, Texas, Vinnie D'Angelo and Sgt. Andrew Justice have some questions for Pvt. Tony Masala about some cock shots of him floating around the Internet that they believe belong to him. Are they his? The only way to know for sure is to make him whip it out. The two sergeants take a good, close look at his big, floppy cock ... the only problem now is that the cock in the pictures is hard. Well, not really a problem: Andrew gladly gets it hard and then pulls his own stiff cock out too, putting them side-by-side, just to prove to his Sgt. that they're not at all the same. After some tense looks, Andrew is down on his knees sucking Tony's real nice, real thick cock. After they all trade some blowjobs and stand in a semicircle jerking off, Vinnie demands they all shoot a load, and they gladly oblige. They're not through, of course ... after they all cum, Vinnie barks another order at the private: he's to give them both a full servicing, and a full servicing they receive: the lean and hairy stud bottoms for both his commanding officers, giving up his ass until all three get off yet again. Before Sgt. McCool is done with Tony, he offers him a word of caution: Seems there are a lot of people out there who're looking to take advantage of a Marine like him. Case in point? Cut to a seedy motel room where Tyler Saint convinces Jason Ridge to jerk off for him and his video camera. "What kind of girls do you like?" he asks before asking the nervous soldier to take his clothes off. Jason peels off his fatigues down to his boxers ever so slowly before Tyler asks him to take his dick out and start jerking it. "Would you feel more comfortable if I did, too?" Tyler asks. Jason shrugs. Before long the two well-muscled studs are jerking off for each other and Tyler's on his knees servicing him with his mouth. Tyler asks him to return the favor, but he's met with some resistance from his Marine. "Just the head ..." and Jason reluctantly complies. After Tyler cums, he gets out a rubber jerk-off sleeve and uses it to milk a thick load out of Jason's even thicker cock. Tyler can't let this Marine go without tapping his round ass ... but only after Jason insists on an extra $100 first. Hunched over the foot of the bed, Tyler gets him wet with his tongue then lubes him up with his fingers. Before long he's fucking him doggy style, and throws him on his back so they can be face-to-face when they both cum. Off the base, two old military buddies—Scott Tanner and Brandon Monroe— come back to Scott's place after a long of night drinking and catching up. When Scott's college-aged son (Justin Burkshire—clad in only in long john pajamas) spies Brandon splayed out on the couch, he goes straight for Brandon's hard cock which is peeking through his boxers. Brandon wakes up and hardly seems to mind, but what will Justin's dad do when he catches his son fucking around with his buddy? Watching from the shadows, Scott's boxer shorts can't contain his hard cock either. Scott takes a seat on the couch next to Brandon, who jerks Scott off while his son just looks up at him with his buddy's cock in his mouth. Now it's Scott's turn: He pushes his son off Brandon's long cock so he can get a taste of his friend as well. They all jerk themselves off to healthy loads. Scott takes a seat across the room and strokes his own cock while watching his son warm up Brandon's ass. After Justin fucks Brandon, Brandon tops young Justin, and then Scott joins in by fucking Brandon—making a three-way daisy chain with buddy Brandon in the middle—until the three shoot three more massive loads on the couch. The explosive seven-man finale is something that could only have been dreamt up by the twisted sexual mind of director Joe Gage. The extensive scene— which could practically be an entire movie in itself—starts with TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn having to go to the lab to drop off a urine sample. He's got a feeling that something out of the ordinary is in store for him at the lab. In the lobby of the sperm bank—right next door to the lab—Pvt. Jason Reynolds is waiting to make a deposit. An equipment issue leaves Vinnie D'Angelo and Erik Hall standing around waiting with hard-ons, eager to make their deposits as well. Erik brushes past Jason—and gets so close he leaves a drop of pre-cum on the Private's lips. In the men's room, lab tech Kai Grant watches as Dean Flynn fills up his specimen cup with hot piss. Dean's bladder's not empty, so he continues pissing—this time all over Kai and his hard cock. Back in the waiting room, the three guys are joined by fellow Sgt. Jean Paul Roccard and Tyler Kane. Dean, who's done pissing on Kai, drops in on the five guys just as the action gets going. The six of them start by jerking themselves and each other off. Once everyone's good and hard, Kai Grant joins in and quickly drops to his knees before Jason Reynolds. As Erik Hall shoots his load, Kai eagerly scoops it up with a specimen cup. As the rest of the guys cum, Kai doesn't miss a beat as he goes around collecting their specimens. Once everyone has cum the first time, it quickly devolves into a balls-out orgy, with Jean Paul fucking the hell out Jason and Kai to get things started. After another round of pop shots, it's back to the restroom where Kai finds himself on the receiving end of five streams of piss. Back in the waiting room, Vinnie's fucking Dean, whose face is buried in Jason's smooth, round ass. Vinnie bends Dean over onto himself so that he starts sucking his own cock and shoots his load into his own mouth before the other two cum all over his ass.