Hard Play Scene 3: Jed Athens & Byron Saint

Locked in a kiss with tall Bryon Saint, tattooed Jed Athens licks down the toned stud's smooth body and works on the boner jutting out of his briefs. Jed sucks the thick, uncut beauty deep as Bryon's big red sac fills the frame. 'You like that foreskin?' asks Bryon as Jed nibbles, his own cock throbbing. 'Take it all!' says Bryon, a spit strand connecting his cock to the sucker's wet mouth. Jed pulls Bryon's foreskin wide, diving his tongue in to tease the head. Bryon then feasts on Jed's red-hot slab. 'Suck those balls,' says Jed. 'Taste good?' Jed bends Bryon over a sling to feast on his ass ('Wet it up! Eat that hole!'), then whips his cock on it. He fucks him from behind, the bottom then doing the work as he slides all the way down and off in a hot sequence. On his back, Bryon gets fucked by a big strap-on and then a probe before Jed uses an even bigger dildo. It's all a warm-up for Jed's fist, which soon fills the hungry bottom and his bright red ass expelled. 'Jack that cock with your fist in my ass!' yells the bottom, Jed's load soon coating him.