Heavy Duty: Scene 1: Anthony London & Thor

With his wrists bound to his sides, salt-and-pepper stud Thor is at the mercy of tall and tan Anthony London. The two kiss, their scruff rubbing as Anthony grabs hold of Thor's bulge and the uncut cock soon released from its pouch. 'Pull my balls!' demands Thor. 'Harder!' Anthony whips out his own cock and gets Thor to his knees, the silver fox gulping up the stud's big slab. Anthony face fucks the breathless sucker ('Open up!'), spitting down on him. Anthony turns him around and munches on his hole, then fucks the grunting bottom from behind over a sling. On his back and his wrists now free and Thor gets it even harder, making another demand: 'Pull my balls, man! Grab them hard!' Anthony fucks him rough, then lubes Thor up for a dildo fuck and twisting one in ('Stuff that ass!') and punching the base in before making Thor's ass swallow an even bigger, thicker tool. Anthony pisses all over the sub and in his mouth before fist fucking him and working his hairy muscle arms in deep, Thor's puckering rosebud aching for more before the two squirt.