Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan and Harley Everett - Game On! Scene 3

Tall and tattooed Brit Harley Everett is in charge of dark-haired hotties Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan, calling the shots over a game of strip darts. Harley's superhero pecs and Marc's incredible abs are soon on display. "I want your ass over that desk," demands Harley, worshipping the hunky bottom's muscle butt as voyeur Jimmy shows off his boner. Harley takes turns sucking them, then stands up to fuck their faces as his pecs flex. He fucks between their puckered lips, their tongues wrapped around his shaft. After a suck chain, Harley's balls twitch as he gets his body drenched ("Gimmie your cum!"). Harley takes control of Marc, who gazes into the top's eyes as he gets plowed - the two frequently clasping each other's hands as their connection ignites the screen. Jimmy gets inside Marc's ass, the bottom sucking and kissing Harley. Marc's rock-hard cock is caught in low shots as he gets impaled from behind by Harley, whose balls frantically bounce. A tight-abbed Marc then sits on Jimmy, sliding up and down before the three soak Harley again.