Joe Gage Sex Files 1

Joe Gage's feature Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's, another free for all that features a bunch of horny guys who show up at Billy Bob's house one summer afternoon hot and sweaty in T-shirts and shorts to watch videos and jack off. "I love to jack off," are the first words out of Billy Bob's mouth leaving no doubt what's to cum. Billy Bob's tall, dark, and good-looking cousin Jesse shows up early to the party looking studly in tank top, shorts and a 5 o'clock shadow. He pops in a video, leans back on the couch, and slowly pulls and massages his dick with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. Soon, his big boner is greasy and leaking precum, his shorts have gone missing and his cock is sprung and flexing. With his long, thick legs spread-eagled, he pumps a hot sticky load all over his pubes. Lean, tight-bodied Earl and beefy Jeff show up next. They barely get through the door before they've got the beers they brought with them in one hand and their hard dongs in the other. The guys strip down to their boxers and T-shirts, grease up their cocks and take their time stroking and pulling on their meaty shafts. . Billy Bob joins in for a while, yanking his rod and balls through the slit in his drawers. After the three guys stand and stroke themselves in a circle jerk, Billy Bob leaves the two visitors alone on the couch, where Jeff strokes a gushing load out of Earl, and Earl pumps Jeff's fat meat and makes him shoot a thick stream of spooge all over his muscular thighs. Billy Bob, fully dressed — but dick in hand — opens the door for Steve, Chet, and Bobby who sit on the couch, lube up their cocks and start stroking. Chet admires Bobby's hard rod and the two stroke each other for awhile. Steve drops to his knees double jerking his two friend's cocks simultaneously and slobbering up and down the length of their shafts. Billy Bob reappears to check out the action and starts beating Bobby's meat while Steve grips and strokes Chet's raging hardon. Chet pumps out his own load while Steve works on Bobby's cock and gets him squirting thick spunk onto his tanned stomach. And the men keep cumming! Vince, George, Ben and Lee bang on the door looking to share the lube. The four horny guys seem to like checking each other out as much as watching the woman getting banged in the video. Tightly muscled George enjoys showing off a true monster pole; Ben lights up a cigarette and smokes while he strokes, and soon, Vince is stroking George's mammoth dong. George strokes Billy Bob on one side and Vince on the other while the two of them grab George's cock by the base and start jerking away. . At last, Billy Bob strips down to his boxers. All five go at some serious pole stroking until everyone is groaning, growling and the cum is flowing. Billy Bob, like the good host that he is, cums last, popping a high flying wad that smacks him square in the face. Y'all cum back now!