Joe Gage Sex Files 2

In Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. 2, impressionable Trent Austin gets a lesson in stroking and sucking from his hung ex-con uncle Mark Kroner. After a one-on-one session, Trent invites two buds over for some sucking fun—followed by a seven-man stroke fest including Andrew Addams that caps off this all-oral adventure. Impressionable Trent Austin can't stop going to his ex-con uncle's house in Lakewood, California. And why should he? While enjoying a girlie magazine, the hung cutie whips out his big boner and starts to stroke, unaware that hairy and beefy uncle Mark Kroner is watching from behind. "Can I join in?" asks the uncle, who is soon sitting side-by-side with his nephew as the two stroke their big dicks and trade sucks before squirting. Trent returns a week later and invites young buds Robert Gunn and Danny Chance to join the fun. Initially nervous, the newbies soon have their cocks at attention as uncle Mark gives them instructions. The three stroke and suck each other before Mark drops to his knees and joins, with the newcomers soon shooting their big loads. Another week passes before Trent is back watching straight porn with his uncle. The doorbell keeps ringing as the duo is joined by Mark's older buds Andrew Addams and Derek Dewars, followed by Trent's pals David Anthony and Caesar Cruz. Mature and hairy Ron Daniels is the last to arrive. A few beers and groin rubs later, the seven men are jacking and sucking each other as spit drips, eyes dart and boners bounce in excitement. The loads start to fly, and soon the sweaty Trent and Andrew are left alone, staring at each other as they stroke out their wads.