Joe Gage Sex Files Vol 3

The college students on Fraternity Row are planning a kegger, but the horny house starts to party long before the beer arrives. The action kicks into overdrive when naughty professor Joe Sarge starts to suck a slumbering student—and is soon caught by some curious frat brothers and hung coach Josh Kole. A suck-and-fuck fest follows, with hung Aaron Heights and Damian—along with keg man Tag Adams—getting in on the action. On a quiet Fraternity Row street in Durham, N.C., hairy frat bros Danny Hunter and David are watching the big game when David pops the big question: "I hear you have a big dick…is that true?" Initially surprised, Danny is soon happy to oblige and show off his monster as the two stroke and slurp each other—including some self-sucking by the limber Danny. A slumbering Luke is spotted by professor Joe Sarge, who can't contain his urges as he starts to grope and suck his unknowing target. Spotting the action are frat buds Aaron Heights and Paul Young, who whip out their meat and watch before feeding the professor's face. Sarge then strokes off Luke, who wakes up with a smile as he blows his big load. Coach Josh Kole stumbles on the scene and orders Aaron to drop down. The two start an amazing oral exchange, enjoying each other's huge cocks as some glorious shots captures the action. They're being watched by Damian, Alex Berlin and Pavel, who start to stroke before keg man Tag Adams arrives and offers his mouth and ass to the trio. The professor then starts to stoke with Paul, while the coach judges a squirting contest between hung Damian, Aaron and Pavel, whose huge loads douse the table.