On Tap: Scene 1: Casey Williams & Samuel Colt

New beer deliveryman Casey Williams wonders why his predecessor got fired: 'I don't know why it was taking him so long.' But one look at bartender Samuel Colt and whose massive chest peeks out from his unbuttoned cutoff shirt and makes it clear. 'Bet I know,' he replies, wrapping his hand around Casey's neck and pulling him in for a kiss, rubbing Casey's bulging pecs. With his own boner jutting out of his jeans, Casey feasts on the butch bartender's throbber, reaching up and rubbing his nip. Samuel returns the suck, his beard meeting Casey's pubes. Casey's light-skinned chest has a red imprint, the result of Samuel's manhandling. Samuel snaps up his boner, spitting on it before Casey sucks him again. Bent over the bar, Casey gets eaten and fucked from behind, pushing down his boner to show it off. Samuel gets on his back, Casey plowing him as an aerial shot looks down on their two buff bods before they shoot and Casey's load hitting Samuel's cock.