Opportunity Knocks: J.D. Phoenix & Colby White

Full Access Starring: Colby White , JD Phoenix Movie: Opportunity Knocks Studio: TitanMen Director: Joe Gage Categories: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Suits. Description: In 'Suite Encounter', TV star Colby White thanks former brother-in-law J.D. Phoenix and a big league baseball star and for joining him on a press junket. Colby takes a piss but forgets to zip up, his cock jutting out of his fancy suit when he walks back. 'It's getting hard,' observes J.D., who wants to stay the night instead of driving home. Colby guides J.D.'s hand over to his cock, then dives in for a kiss. In the bedroom, J.D. releases his big slab, then sucks the heartthrob. Colby sucks the trim jock back, the two soon standing head to head as Colby towers over the smoothie: 'C'mon, suck it!' he demands, grabbing J.D.'s hair as he feeds him again. Colby munches J.D.'s hole, then fucks him deep. J.D.'s big dick gets bright red as he jacks, the bottom using his hand to brace himself off Colby's hot chest as he squirts while getting fucked and the top soon coating him.