Opportunity Knocks: Layne Nixon & Nick Prescott

Starring: Layne Nixon , Nick Prescott Movie: Opportunity Knocks Studio: TitanMen Director: Joe Gage Categories: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Muscles, Outdoors, Rimming, Big Dicks. Description: In 'The Landscapers', Nick Prescott quickly learns what the hanky in Layne Nixon's right rear pocket means as the two take a break outside. 'Take your pants down,' says Layne. 'Take it out.' Nick releases his huge boner, his hot balls resting over his tight jockstrap. The two stroke each other, Nick wanting more: 'Do you want me to suck your dick?' he asks, his talented mouth quickly on Layne's shaft. Nick deep throats him repeatedly, hot suck sounds filling the air as his voracious libido raises the temperature each passing second. 'You wanna suck this?' asks Nick, showing off his cock. 'Suck it then, cocksucker!' Layne opens wide and takes it deep, his nose planted in Nick's big bush. 'Yeah, pig!' growls Nick, getting more verbal and turned on. 'Look at that fucking cock! You like it? Fucking suck it!' Nick eats and fingers Layne before ramming his hole from behind ('Nice and deep!' moans the bottom). Layne then sits on Nick, arching back for a kiss. They squirt, the top's thick load clinging to his own big sac and falling to the ground.