Rigid: Jeff Stronger and Stefano Dimarco

Stefano Dimarco and Jeff Stronger Relaxing on the patio, dark-haired Stefano Dimarco is joined by muscle man Jeff Stronger. They speak the language of love—and soon have their hands all over each other as they kiss romantically, Stefano cradling Jeff's head in his hand. Trim and tan Stefano stands up, Jeff quickly pulling down his lover's jeans to reveal a massive boner filling out his tight briefs. Jeff buries the uncut sausage deep in his mouth, Stefano holding onto his head as he plows Jeff's face. Stefano then works up the bulge in Jeff's pants and sucks the light-skinned stud's thick meat. He turns him around and slurps up his hole before sliding his big meat inside, fucking Jeff doggie style as the sound of flesh smacking on flesh gets louder. Jeff gets on his back, the table squeaking frantically as he gets plowed—ending with a big Stefano load landing on his balls.