Rough Trade: TitanMen exclusives David Benjamin & Nick Prescott with Dirk Caber, Adam Ramzi & Dolan Wolfe

Scene 4 TitanMen exclusives David Benjamin and Nick Prescott with Dirk Caber, Adam Ramzi and Dolan Wolf. Still in the sling, David gets doused in piss and spit from Nick, Dirk, Adam and hairy Dolan Wolf and who gets in the sling for an anal assault from David and Nick. David feeds Dolan as Nick fingers the bottom, the two taking turns fisting him. Nick pisses in Dolan's mouth as David fists Dolan, Nick joining him again ('Fucking open that pig hole up!'). More piss flies, the two sliding both of their hands into Dolan's hole. Nick shoves a huge dildo in him, then eats him: 'Show me that fuckin' rosebud!' David fists Dolan as Nick pisses on the bottom and then punches a dildo deep in him. Dolan comes with Nick's hairy forearm inside. Dallas jacks out a big load in the final shot.