Service Trade

Do you like a handsome businessman with a huge hard-on hanging out of his suit pants? Or a calloused, sweaty and slightly dangerous workman with a big bulge in his jeans? gives you both, pairing well-heeled execs with rough, tattooed, pierced and P.A.'d tradesmen. Like the commandeering bosses and the take-what-they-want workmen it depicts, doesn't waste your time with dialogue. These four satisfyingly extended half-hour scenes throw it at you non-stop, and feature ten classic Titan men in masculine, muscular, and continually raunchy action. Some of these business tycoons clinch their deals by getting into clinches that are sweaty and drenched in cum. And, the scene being San Francisco, it's only natural that some of the execs find themselves being serviced by rough, handsome, and deliciously uncut Hispanic men. You'll be well serviced by , the latest feature from Brian Mills and Harold Creg. After international businessman Ben Jakks checks into a luxury hotel, he's surprised to find bellhop Joe Foster sniffing a sweaty jockstrap riffled from his luggage. Hard-bodied Titan exclusive Jakks punishes the errant servant boy with a gut wrenching fuck. Foster grimaces at Jakks' mighty thrusts—but his snappy cock shows he's enjoying the rough treatment. And the things they do in a classic sling back Mies Van Der Rohe chair oughtta make it the sling of choice for upscale leathermen everywhere. Angel-eyed young stud muffin Danny Vox is only too glad to check up on his company's construction site. He's got an arrangement with hardhat Rick Pantera, and is soon deep tonguing the grimy workman's prodigious foreskin through a bathroom glory hole. When a second hardhat comes a cattin'--a sultry Dante Foxx--Vox's fabulously furry butt gets hungrily rimmed before he straddles Pantera's cock while Foxx plugs in from above. It's an unforgettable double fuck that makes Vox's eyes pop as he gasps, "Oh, wow!" and the jiz flys up outta his ever-hard cock. Pantera follows up with a gusher that draws admiring response from his buddy, Foxx. Junior exec Owen Hawk is watching porn on his computer when electrician Rick Pantera arrives with the real thing. Hawk flashes him a big, sexy smile, and an even bigger uncut cock. Pantera ties off his own tight nuts with his head rag, and yanks harshly on his swollen nutsack as Hawk gives a spit polish to his bursting cock. With Hawk's dirty talk urging him on, Pantera throws Hawk across a desk and sticks his tongue up Hawk's sweet, yielding hole in preparation for a hearty screwing. Hawk may look clean-cut, but he turns nasty and flips Pantera on his belly so that Hawk's sweaty punch fucking can push the surprised dude's cum spurting from a rock hard cock. "I understand you're looking for something to sweeten the deal," power broker Jace Hunter says to Alex Leon. "I thing I have what you need in my office." What Leon needs--and hungrily devours--is willing slave Jon Galt. Under their suits, Hunter and Leon are leather clad, and ready to give Galt some abuse. The hairy chested stud gets his dick and balls smacked with a paddle before the two power-hungry bosses share the bounty of Galt's wet, welcoming hole. Their sensational fuck leads Leon to let loose no fewer than three hands-off cum geysers before the men crumple, satiated and jiz-soaked, on top of the well-used Galt. Sweet deal, indeed.