Signals Scene 3: Devin Adams & Anthony London

Parking his pickup, shirtless Anthony London and his massive tan and hairy chest on display and removes hay bales with Devin Adams, who has two weeks before going back to school. 'I'll miss having those extra muscles around,' says Anthony, touching Devin's arm. Anthony grazes Devin's groin, pulling him in for a kiss. Devin unzips his boss and sucks his big dick. 'That feels good, man,' moans Anthony, getting deep throated by a choking Devin and whose face gets closer to the stud's hot tan line and hairy abs. 'Suck those sweaty balls,' says Anthony as Devin snaps up the tall hunk's dick. A spit strand connects Devin's mouth to Anthony's cock, the two switching positions as Devin gets his steel shaft sucked and Anthony gripping the toned stud's balls. Bent over the trunk, Devin gets eaten and fucked: 'I'm definitely gonna miss being on the farm!' The bottom gets fucked on the hay, Anthony grinding in balls deep. Devin flashes his killer smiles as he gets slammed and the two releasing their wads as the bottom yells 'I wanna see your cum!'