TitanMen, having taken their cameras everywhere from tropical islands to underground dungeons, goes where few have dared to go: the . A correctional facility where each day is a struggle for power between the savage inmates and corrupt officers as they use gritty mansex to battle for domination over each other. A sinister Warden (played by Dred Scott, in a role he was born to play) administers discipline and punishment over his minions in the with an iron fist and rock-hard dick - giving new meaning to the term "penal institution.". The directorial duo of Brian Mills and Harold Creg brings us - in perhaps their most ambitious work to date – an epic porn unlike any other prison skinflick ever made. is jammed with almost two-and-a-half hours of nonstop, sweaty, multiple-orgasmic fucking and sucking with each scene zigzagging from aggressive powerplays between prisoners and their power-hungry guards to consensual fuck sessions desperately seized by longtime cellmates. These scenes bring us to a place dark and completely sex-charged where domination is a way of life and a prisoner can sell his cellmate's ass for a pack of smokes. The Warden gives Inmate Sunshine (Billy Wild) an orientation to the ways of the he'll never forget. After some real punches, Dred Scott has Correctional Officer Papi Moreno strip the buff prisoner out of his orange prison-issue uniform and in no time Scott's showing him who rules the prison by aggressively face-fucking a submissive Wild. Pulling his slobbery dick out of Wild's gagging throat, Scott is soon unmercifully pile driving Wild as his henchman watches on, taking care of himself in the process. All three cum (Scott, well over Wild's head) leaving Wild drenched in a pool of piping hot man juice. Amidst grimy cells and abusive officers, however, we see that long-term inmates adapt: they pass the time by having passionate, consensual sex. In their cell, Raul Tasco wraps his arms around cellmate Jake Marshall while Marshall worships his underarms, fuzzy chest and huge, uncut and rock-hard cock. In stark contrast to the previous scene, the two savor each other's thick, well-muscled bodies, having the fiery sort of sex two men in a relationship have. Each spurts a hefty load onto the other's body and fondly licks it off. Hunched over a grimy toilet, they obligingly take turns fucking each other until, while riding Tasco's cock, Marshall milks his hard, flopping dick to a combustible second climax. But the Warden has more in store for Inmate Sunshine. He feeds him to a more senior inmate, Jon Galt, who, in a filthy prison kitchen, continues Sunshine's initiation by working over his hole with his prying, eager tongue and fingers. After they shoot their loads a rough-handling Corrections Officer takes Wild back to his cell, leaving Galt to service Scott. By the end of their marathon session, each has cum twice. Meanwhile, Riley Porter watches blue-eyed pup Toby O'Connor servicing well-hung Chad Williams in the adjoining cell. For a pack of smokes, Williams gives his boy's ass to Porter, who rims and fucks O'Connor through the bars. After they all blow their wads, Williams hoists O'Connor onto a sheet hanging from the ceiling. Their makeshift sling allows Porter and Williams to fuck him from both ends, sharing his eager holes without missing a beat. Porter also flip-flops for Williams and the trio cums all over each other through the bars that separate their cells. Hardly beaten down by submitting twice for The Warden, Wild finds himself in a cell with Josh O'Hara, and quickly decides to show him who's boss by taking advantage of the young pup's tight ass. Then, Corrections Officer Ben catches wind of Wild, throws him into an adjoining cell, and takes over the ass-reaming. Officer Moreno enters Wild's cell where the two officers each have their way with the obedient prisoners in an explosive fourgy finale.