Special Reserve: Scene 3: Interview

Late for his interview, scruffy faced Kyle Quinn is eager to get on Jessy Ares' good side. "Do I make you nervous?" asks the alpha interviewer, sensing an opportunity. "You want this job, don't you?" Jessy takes out his cock, telling Kyle to do the same. The two stare and stroke, their boners bursting out of their dress pants. Jessy moves closer, their dicks touching. He slurps on Kyle's thick meat before feeding the eager candidate. "Work that dick!" he yells, slapping it on the sucker's face. "Good boy! You really want this job!" Jessy eats Kyle's ass, his boner grazing Kyle's foot. "Make it juicy and wet!" yells Kyle as a spit strand forms on Jessy's mouth. Jessy fucks him, gyrating in before going deep and fast, his abs tight as he works. "Like fucking me?" asks Kyle, his big sac drooping down. He gets on his back as Jessy goes deep again, the top's ass muscles clenching. The two come, Jessy hitting Kyle's pec and coating his leg and groin.