The Chest

One of those memories is of a young man's first fuck. And that's where has an amazing backstory. It's strange but true that fresh new performer (and TitanMen Exclusive) Cole Ryan gave up nearly all of his virginity in his debut feature, Joe Gage's Closed Set: Titan Stage One. The one thing he saved was his furry little butt. In , he gives it up doubly—playing a character who's similarly having his first bottoming experience, when sweet ‘n nasty young Simon Angel blasts his long, fat, and uncut fuckpole up the virgin crack. Don't have any qualms on Ryan's behalf, though. He proves a natural—although his eye-popping grimaces and sudden yelps weren't acting. He's also full of surprises—the furry little fuck-bucket flips Angel and dishes out some sweaty butt-balling that leaves them both covered in cream. . Angel-faced and demonically superhung Simon Angel is making his TitanMen debut, as are the sensational pair of lean sex machine Tamas Eszterhazy and husky stunner Nick Marino. At first glance, and with that name, you'd think this hairychested hunk with the thick, uncut sausage was Italian. But he's Venezuelan—as his endearing accent proves in his candid interview sequence. . The rest of the ten-man cast are classic, sturdy TitanMen. Heavy cocked Cliff Rhodes reams the Danny Vox hot box, the doe-eyed star of MENS ROOM back at last after too long an absence. Joining their three-way in a long overdue TitanMen encore is Boner! co-star Eric Masterson. And popular, uncut Hispanic studs Felipe Carson and Diego de la Hoya take on Closed Set: Titan Stage One's hefty Steve Trevor.. Cole Ryan returns home for his father's funeral. Taking a nostalgic survey of the attic, he opens his father's army footlocker. The stash of love letters from army buddies among a pile of old physique magazines he finds in the trunk tell a story Cole had never suspected. The first letter takes us on a flashback to the front lines. "Dear Jack," it begins, addressing Cole's father. "We've been holed up in this cave for almost a week now. We're tired, hungry and horny." Steve Trevor is jacking off under the covers, unaware that Diego de la Hoya is on to his action. Steve senses Diego's hefty, nut-colored nugget of prick-meat behind him, and turns his head to find it only inches away from his lips. They're drawn slowly to the shining cock head until his lips close down on it, and the throbbing cock slides down his throat. The sounds of his deep-throated gagging awaken Felipe, and he joins Steve in worshipping Diego's big bone—a scene so hot that the horny men almost immediately loosen their pent-up loads. Diego's hot for some hole, and Felipe is soon stretched out, sucking Steve's smooth shaft as Diego plunges his mammoth tool into the proffered deep darkness. Then Steve's plugging that ass, each hard slam pushing another jet of cum out of Felipe's bursting cock. Screaming in the agony of his pleasure, Steve cums too, and Diego sprays another load across Felipe's cum-drenched body. In a second letter to his dad, Cole reads about the time Jack's Spanish friend visited and the boys bunked together in that exact attic. "You were the first guy," it says. It's bed time, and Simon's jacking off. Jack—played in a cunning performance by Cole—shines his flashlight across the room, and huskily commands his friend, "Show me!" First one cock, then the other, is caught in the flashlight's bright exposure. "C'mere," Jack demands. And Simon gets what he wants, as the young men explore each other's bodies in hesitant caresses that melt into full embrace. Gazing up into his friend's eyes, Simon guides Jack's cock deep into his mouth. They swing around into reverential sixty-nine. The sight of sweet young cock getting a first suck-job is thrilling, and they pull back to see it themselves, stroking to hotblooded explosions of young cum. Simon's cum lands on his nipples—not that far, really, when you realize his cock reaches halfway there already. But Jack's flies over his head, and Simon's face lights up. Jack pulls up on all fours, and Simon explores the offered hole. Jack moans at the tongue's lubing spit, the probing finger or two, and his eyes roll back in his head as Simon's long cock makes its slow but steady entry, deep to the hilt, and begins a regular rhythm of gentle but full-length plugging. Jack gasps, "Oh, yeah," as the tempo increases, and Simon rabbit fucks that now spread-open hole. Jack winces with each plunge, but you won't see his hole snap shut when Simon pulls out before plunging in again. And Simon's a kind lover—he straddles Jack and squats on the rigid pole, settling deep upon it. As Jack pounds Simon's ass in a first-timer's frenzy, Simon jerks off and explodes just as Jack pulls out and splatters cream across Simon's cum-covered belly. Attending Jack's funeral, two of his buddies comment how much his son Cole resembles him. The memory of their fuck buddy sets them off, and they attack each other in a secluded crypt. Burly Nick sucks Tamas' long pipe ‘til it sprays cum across his furry chest, and then Tamas straddles a marble mausoleum bench and Nick's fat sausage is sucked right up Tamas' demanding hole. Nick pounds with abandon and Nick beats his meat until his balls bust up a couple gallons of prick juice and Nick's even bigger blast arcs clear across his buddy's wrenching body.. When the movers come to pack up the house, they find Jack's physique magazines, and the only things that get packed are their mouths and asses. Eric Masterson's only too glad to kneel before Cliff Rhodes and swallow the huge bone that springs out of his coveralls. This packer's packing a moving van's worth of meat. Danny Vox walks in as Eric's slurping the massive piece, and joins in double-sucking Cliff's cock, forcing it into shooting way over Danny's head and blat! in his face. Jizzed up, Danny's ready for more and gives up his famously furry butt hole to an unmerciful, ass-splitting assault. Cliff and Eric buddy-fuck Danny but good until Cliff's unable to withstand any more sensation, and shoots a socko fountain of steamy man-sauce across Danny's torso and right into his face. Again.