TitanMen Exclusive Aymeric DeVille and Wilfried Knight - Full Fetish: The Men of RECON Scene 2

Wilfried Knight, in a rubber harness apron and long rubber gloves, ties Aymeric Deville to a St. Andrew's Cross. Wilfried kneels down and sucks on Aymeric's impossibly huge knob, roughly manhandling his balls and thick cockring.. Released from the cross, Aymeric drops down to his knees to pay some respect to his top, opening his mouth for Wilfried's impressive uncut meat. Wilfried sprays a geyser of piss all over Aymeric's face and chest, completely soaking the kneeling stud. Fixing his hot mouth around Wilfried's piss-wet cock, Aymeric blasts his first thick load all over his wet rubber singlet, pushing Wilfried over the edge, too. Wilfried spins Aymeric around and straps Aymeric's leg up to the cross, Aymeric's assless singlet giving him perfect access to his smooth puckered hole. Wilfried slides a massive butt plug in and out of Aymeric's hole before slicking up his cock and pushing balls-deep into Aymeric's captive ass. Wilfried feeds Aymeric's hungry hole an enormous ridged dildo, working it inch by inch inside. Wilfried plunges his uncut meat back into Aymeric's ass and plows him until Aymeric sprays his thick wad everywhere. Wilfried pushes him down on his knees, aiming his load all over Aymeric's smooth hard chest and abs, then pisses all over him again, Aymeric thirstily drinking down Wilfried's forceful stream.