Wide Awake Scene 2: Nick Prescott & Justin King

Behind door No. 2, handsome Nick Prescott stands in front of a bright, modern backdrop wearing nothing but his trunks and his big bulge aching to burst out. He rubs his hairy, toned bod and smiles and his piercing eyes drawing us in. The camera pulls back to find the tattooed frame of Justin King on its knees, his chest hair escaping from his tank as he works up Nick's bulge. Justin sucks the stud deep, Nick gripping his own balls and forcing them on Justin's tongue before dick-whipping his face. Nick takes out Justin's uncut throbber and takes it to the root, spit falling to the floor. On all fours, Nick offers his ass for eating and Justin gripping the jock's balls as he tongues his hole. Justin fucks him from behind, Nick's bubble butt rippling with each deep thrust as his muscle back arches beautifully. Nick gets on his back for more, pulling his balls and jacking as he gets fucked and his abs tightening before he's covered in cum.